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A Global movement of men and women who are passionate to change history by training and mobilizing leaders. TPI exists to equip and empower this kind of leader.

Advance your calling with The Platform Institute is an Online School of Leadership. Our easily-accessible and engaging education and programs prepare you to go forth and become a difference-maker.

The Platform Institute of Leadership is an online learning platform dedicated to training and equipment church leaders in Africa and beyond We exist to equip you through a high spiritual formation so that you are prepared for kingdom work at any level in the church and in the world.

We have over 20 courses that will help you to discover and pursue your calling, whether that is a disciple in the workplace or home, a pastor, ministry leader, church planter, or missionary Choose your calling below to see a recommended list that will equip you for what God has for you.

Our aim is to help our students understand and live out the true meaning of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, which they can model to others. We are rooted in the vision of the Hebrew prophets and fulfilled in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ When Jesus began his ministry and called some to be his disciples, his understanding was that they would become lifelong learners or apprentices of Him. This would involve journeying with him initially, and then with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, in an attitude of observation, study, obedience, and imitation.

The Platform Institute offers an innovative combination of online learning and small group environments to train leaders. Our aim is to equip men and women who will impact their churches and communities with a healthy understanding of spiritual leadership. Equip brings together excellent leadership, in life and ministry modules with well-designed programmers.

Our curriculum is designed specifically to maximize the opportunity for the student to discover what it means to be an effective and mature apprentice of Jesus. Equip consists of a group of pastors and academics with decades of study and pastoral experience who are passionate about following Jesus and helping others to do likewise. ENROLL TODAY! Register by downloading and completing the form below: